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Conversation Between roshan3ai and Norm

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  1. Third up
  2. Just can't do it.S orry.
  3. Soliai and Beatty are fully guaranteed
  4. Greco and Cobb for Randle, Will Beatty, Jahri Evans, Paul Soliai?
  5. Kiwi Cruz for Ngata. Would you literally do that? No cap assistance?
  6. Alright I'll try to figure something out, but yeah it'll be tough. Let me know how your deal goes, hopefully we get something done
  7. I have another deal that could make this easier for me, let me see what happens. I should know in an hour. If you have another idea, let me knowt oo.
  8. I can't do just Cruz for Ngata. I know there's no WRs out there but I just can't take that hit. I'm staring at your roster but I don't have any other good ideas rosh. IDK.
  9. He might be just as well known, but Will Hill is better. Honestly I don't care about the voting, I just wanna make the best team in my eyes. Ngata for Hill and Cruz is too much for me value wise.
  10. Don't waste your time with him. I'm serious about this.

    Nicks+Will. I'll eat whatever cap you want on Ngata that you think makes it fair. You got coin now anyways, you can easily go get Stevie, who's probably just as well known anyways despite that injuries before of 2012.

    If you have a better idea, counter, whatever, throw it at me.
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