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Conversation Between HuRRiCaNeS324 and kjoke

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  1. thanks bro

    laggy as **** tho
  3. LMAO exactly.

    People always say "imagine if the HEAT got Derrick Rose, it would be:

    Derrick Rose

    But obviously we that wouldn't of happened because we wouldn't need to invest all that time trying to get expiring contracts and **** and instead built a team around the two.

    I like this team better lol.
  4. yeah had he lived up to the carmelo hype there were saying (and what i believed he would be) it would have been awesome to have that second player behind wade

    oh well everything happens for a reason, and im liking the outcome this season
  5. I just think Beasely lost his #swag in the NBA. He knew he was the best in college and played like it. If he played with the same mentality he would of dominated here. I dont regret getting him, i would of bet money he was gonna become a star. I just think he doesnt like the pressure and the seriousness the NBA has to offer.
  6. if you could go back to that time rigght now you would see i was very high on lopez, wish we picked him up instead (traded down a bit maybe to minny, there 3rd and hakim ) and gotten more
  7. We could of for sure, at least a first round pick or two. But the thing is Riley didnt want a first round pick because their contracts are guaranteed so we couldnt get one. 2nd round picks are not.

    I wish he played to his potential lol.
  8. looking back at it right now, i cant believe nobody wanted Beasley, i wish we got more from him a top 10 pick would have been great
  9. Lol hell no, hes going top 5.
  10. yeah i saw him play for turkey he had a great overall game, but apparently other teams are uber high on him lol not coming to us
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