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Conversation Between itsripcity32 and Gram

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  1. ichitownclowni is hilarious too. He's been trying to get me banned lol.
  2. Lol. I hear ya

    Read this guy's sig. He claims he needs a new one. I know why, cuz he knows he's not getting anything. He's a little crybaby lol look what he said to me in that thread.
  4. Lol. I saw a new notification and thought i got an infraction. That or it was you. It's all gooood
  5. Good convo in that Knick thread. Our comments will be deleted in 3...2.....
  6. Check the OTT and its current discussion about mike.
  7. It was bout whether or not the people agree w mike that knight is the best player in his draft class
  8. What was the thread you made that got deleted? lol.
  9. Welcome.
  10. thanks
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