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Conversation Between AddiX and Hawkeye15

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  1. Lame
  2. oh my response was not insulting, just calling him out.

    I have very thick skin. I mean, its an internet site, why get worked up?

    The Knicks forum is never a place to be in the minority. You should know that haha.
  3. Your the mod, if you bite, he will never stop. Believe me, I've been there w gallo, drove the entire knicks forum nuts. sad part is I wasn't even trolling, i really just hated gallo, still got banned multiple times for it though.
  4. oh, I know haha. I just bit, finally, in the Batum thread. He is the most annoying dude to me, simply because he is making me hate a member of my favorite team, without one bit of it being the players fault haha.

    "Trade Barea so I don't have to listen to ****ing Balkis!"
  5. Haha ok, my bad, but as a smart man once said, somewhere, maybe even here, "don't feed the trolls!"
  6. um, Balkis is the biggest troll imagineable. He was banned from the Wolves forum because of his Barea ****, and creates thread after thread bashing everything but Barea. He is a master troll, he deserves any heat he gets.
  7. oh, its the K1 fighting for instance you see on espn2, or did for a while. Kickboxing with takedowns only. What traditional martial arts do you like? My boxing experience is only practice. Never been in a match of any kind officially.
  8. I don't know what IKF is, I like traditional martial arts, have only practiced boxing and wrestling though.
  9. do you like IKF? I was in san shou for a long time, and have practiced boxing off and on for a number of years. I really don't care for MMA either dude.
  10. Boxing is my fav sport, I like watching Kickboxing too. I don't care for MMA though.
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