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Conversation Between AddiX and ULT WARRIOR408

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  1. He fought this weekend. I like Kirkland, I like Wolfe, but her style of training isn't something a fighter can handle for a longtime. Physically and mentally it's very draining. She was on real sports recently, you should look for the clips. IMO krikland has a very short window to make some $.
  2. I read somewhere that James Kirkland moved back to east-Austin,Texas & is reunited with that lesian trainer Wolfe.My boy will be back to his old self now imo.

    Whatcha think about that bruh?
  3. peep the very last post on the 3rd page of the Canelo thread.I wanna see your response.
  4. He was fightin at 178 this year.I'm not sure what exact weight he won those other 2 NYC gloves touneys in.Yea out here you gotta pay extra but you can get channels like MSG,YES,SNY,etc.My pops gets those channels,he's from NYC(south bronx)& he likes to keep up with everything NYC.
  5. Nope never sparred him, nit in a rush to jump in a with a 3 time city gloves champ either. What weight class is he? And I'm surprised you guys get NYC gloves tournaments in cali.
  6. I was watchin NYC golden gloves & I saw this cat named Marcus Browne.I've seen him win that tourney for the last 3 years straight tbh.I just wanted to know if you've by chance seen,heard or even sparred with him?I asked if you've sparred with him b/c you told me before that you've sparred with top amateurs.
  7. Neither black or Latino, I'm a mutt.
  8. I saw your post on my JCC jr-Zbik thread & responded to it.Check it out.But I really agree with what you said about HBO & the Euros.It leaves me with this question,are you black or latino?Or are you a black-latin?I'm a blackman & I was just curious thats all.
  9. What do you think about Antonio Tarver fighting Danny Green?
  10. I did a lil boxing as a kid but I mostly played hoop.
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