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Conversation Between Mudvayne91 and Dr Cyanide 28

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  1. yes. we need to trade kuper and dj williams soon lol
  2. We need to free some space prior to making any offers, right?
  3. looks good buddy
  4. K, I think I have salary, trades and depth up to date.
  5. your doing well haha
    can we get depth chart if it is possible?
  6. K, I think clubhouse is ok. We need to fill p,k and slot still or wr3, right? Also, if you see anything not accurate or could be changed, don't hesitate to let me know. I know we still have some potential guys to move, just want to keep is pretty close to updated as possible.
  7. i def said it wrong. i love cj mosely lol might be my fave backer in the draft had he come out. oh well.
  8. Well, shucks. Fair enough!

    Indeed, I thought that's who you meant, but I thought there was a small chance it was the Bama guy, who is actually staying for his senior year.
  9. the bronco chatzy? like nobody used it lol
    or are you looking for the chatzy that everyone is using

    also mosely is the nose tackle from the jags. solid. cheap. nothing special but we cant really afford special
  10. Can you send me a pm or something with the old chatzy link? I cleared out my cookies without considering what I'd lose. Also, would be a good signing. Assuming not the Bama LB?
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