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Conversation Between Mudvayne91 and dbroncos78087

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  1. I agree that I've been respectful but I feel like I'm not being fair by bringing facts into the discussion. It's much better to discuss these things with raw passion.
  2. I don't think you're being too bad. It's not as if his tone is being very respectful.
  3. I feel a bit cruel in the thread discussion the Constitution.
  4. Not sure if you saw this on twitter yet . It's a shame that you don't live in CO.
  5. Good thing. It would have spoiled it, but I imagine it would still have been humorous even knowing the end.
  6. That was pretty great. I was thinking to myself what on earth did Dbroncs send me after I read "I'm not really a not-carrying-a-chin-up-bar-person". I had to zoom in a fair amount too, which was great cause I didn't see the ending picture from the start. When I got to the end, I started cracking up immediately.
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