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Conversation Between Mudvayne91 and Norm

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  1. I was kinda hoping they'd just move on from him tbh. I've seen no reason to believe he has a future in the NFL as a starter. Kubiak/Elway said he's looked good, but IDK how much stock I put into it considering it was a few OTAs. Kubiak did tell Manning he's taking a practice a week off and he'll be pretty limited in preseason though, so BO will at least have some opportunities.
  2. I'm still sure Oz is going to stink. Any grumblings ever about where he is in development?
  3. I'm not sure, very possibly. I don't think it's ludicrous by any means. One thing I'm looking forward to if/when Osweiler takes over is his ability to move around the pocket and the impact on Thomas. Jordy is deceptively fast, but with Rodgers' arm and feet, it'd be interesting to see him and DT. Might not even be noticeably different though.
  4. Forgot he was banned. If you thought they're bad here another site is worse.

    Am I insane thinking Jordy is better with Rodgers than Thomas would be? Macs system plays into it. Idk. We sure love him lol
  5. Mtm
  6. Lop what packer fan you talking about
  7. The guy is a ****ing donkey, that's for sure. Ideally, I just want to make him look as stupid as he's making himself look.
  8. Oh man that fingerbang line just about killed me. Lol
  9. I think you'll be up after the Colts make their pick
  10. Tk is ours. SUCK IT
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