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Conversation Between Mudvayne91 and Norm

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  1. I think you'll be up after the Colts make their pick
  2. Tk is ours. SUCK IT
  3. Got skipped
  4. I had to do the quick search 3 times cause I figured with the way people have drafted the last few times, the top 5 or so RBs go fast. I'm not sure Doc liked the pick tbh, but our RBs are just so ****.
  5. I can't believe I took Lacy when I could have had Ball in round 3
  6. Up
  7. The draft has BEGUN. Please review the Rules which are in the lounge thread HERE (I added a new one this time #14) Also please review the few posts in the draft thread HERE.

    If you have NOT made a post in the lounge thread, please do so, just to check in and prove you're around. If you don't do this soon I will have you replaced.

    (This is a mass VM so if it doesn't apply to you, just ignore it.)

    Have fun guys!
  8. I hope so. He's the most annoying person on PSD IMO.

    My father used to tell me there's three kinds of people. Smart people, dumb people who know they're dumb, and dumb people who think they're smart. You only have to worry about the third category. I def know what one he fits.
  9. Excellent. He might s.o.l. with getting a team then.
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