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Conversation Between Mudvayne91 and Norm

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  1. I kinda discretely hinted that he was inbred, so there's that. I agree that PSD has lost its lure. I have no issues admitting I'm pretty liberal, but I never got that vibe from you though, which I thought was odd that you were being made out to be that. Not that I thought you were ultra conservative.

    I do also find myself caring less about repercussions. Idk why, but I can't seem to hold back calling out super right winged crazies whereas before I'd just ignore it. I swear it's like they've gotten this courage to broadcast their bigoted views instead of hide it with the set of GOP candidates we've got. Maybe I'm just being crazy though.

    It would be a bummer if you got completely banned. Few posters like yourself keep the NFL forum lively.
  2. Lol well. I did call him a xenophobe lol

    But he made some pretty big leaps with what he called her. He basically just used her as a generalization of liberals under one big umbrella. I didn't see a single tweet that indicated feminism either lol

    If I get infracted I'm done, but these days I'm not sure how much it matters
  3. Yeah, that guy is something else. The funny thing is you really said nothing controversial or politically slanted and yet these guys were making you out to be this ultra leftist. Then try to call you out for using generalizations when their whole ****ing arguments and criticisms are based on wild generalizations. It's probably not a bad idea just to ignore most of it like you have. Very possible I get infracted for responding to those donkeys, you don't need that.
  4. AHAHAHAH i dont even know who that guy is.

    I literally was like, yeah this guy is some old bitter grump repub who hates everything.

    Then you looked him up...sure enough..

    I threw it back at him pretty hard, but again, it's pointless. All I do is fall into the poo flinging trap where nothing comes of it.
  5. lolol did someone say that to me? wouldnt surprise me.
  6. You PC, bro?!
  7. Yeah he's gotten pissed at me a lot lately over almost nothing usually. Oh well
  8. I don't get it either. You weren't condescending or anything. He's been a good poster, but for whatever reason, he's been really combative lately. He's gotten into with a handful of people in the Broncos forum too. I've had to hold my tongue a few times to be honest.
  9. I didn't mean to piss that dude off. I just don't think he's the boundary stud that others are. Top 5 is debatable I just don't see top 3 I guess but all those guys are so damn close it's fair to argue either way
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