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Conversation Between latinofire21 and knicks=love

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  1. just report it to hawkeye or avenged from now on. those are guys you can always count on. or even PC.. there's a lot of great mod's to go to.
  2. I reported posts in a thread I started and he didnt clear the posts he just closed the thread and told me it was my fault because i chose a topic that rubbed the fan base the wrong way. Threads like that dont belong in the NBA forum if its going to create negative impact on the board. So I reported this one multiple times which follows the same quota as he stated and he left it open for days. Hes a joke Mod. Hope hes a good gamer because if he isnt there is no use for him.
  3. corey isn't a moron, i've played some nba games with him and he seems like a cool dude. i didn't look at what you two said to each other, but if you come off with attitude to him, he won't like you. he's also a celtics fan.. so that could've played a huge role into it too ahaha
  4. good stuff. Corey is a muppet. He didnt like that I called him out for being biased so im 100 percent sure he kept that open the whole time. Like I said earlier Avenged is one of the good mods. Guys like Corey are just complete morons.
  5. i got that thread closed
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