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Conversation Between latinofire21 and Avenged

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  1. You would have probably been called a troll by Heat fans, but I don't think it would be deleted.
  2. Fair enough. So if that piece was in the NBA forum I wouldnt have been called a troll but since it was in the Heat forum it was considered trolling?
  3. If they go to the Knicks forum and aren't Knicks fans, yes. You could go into the Heat forum and say what you want, but you have to watch how you say it when you aren't a fan of the team or else your comment won't be taken lightly.
  4. He has shown that in his play. That wasnt a lie. Either way thanks for answering the question. Everyone who questions Melos will to be a team player must be a troll now too i suppose.
  5. you said he has no heart and no will of a champion in the Heat forum. That is baiting and trolling.
  6. Quick question for you - How was what I said trolling? I am completely lost on that. The article was saying that he wanted to leave Heat for the Cavs and I said he would never leave the team he architected for that crappy cavs team. How was that trolling?
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