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Conversation Between latinofire21 and Corey

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  1. In general, if you call out another user and insult them / target them, your post will likely be deleted and possibly infracted.
  2. Ok got the explanation. Is that only in NBA forum or is that also in other teams forums as well?
  3. You aren't allowed to target and insult individual users.
  4. Whats wrong with what I said? I was told by Avenged that your allowed to label people trolls in the NBA forum. Telling Knicks posters not to respond to him because hes DoMeFavors 2.0 is exactly wrong how?
  5. The posts you're reporting from the Heat forum aren't baiting. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  6. You need to use quote tags and only post a portion of the article in the future.
  7. Users are allowed to post links. Please dont report things that dont break the rules.
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