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Conversation Between Ebbs and jetsforever

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  1. I didn't.
  2. Curious who you voted for in the all time super bowl
  3. You're an idiot. Get your head in the game.
  4. what from benglas for revis
  5. hahaahha believe it or not. Dont need them asking me questions about that ****!
  6. jf wait people on psd have real life friends?
  7. I did. But I didnt want to respond to it because a lot of my real life friends follow me on twitter and I dont want them to see that kinda **** lol.
  8. why didn't you laugh at my micro peener tweet.
  9. I'm the canadian in Michigan who cheers for the Jets... me neither lol.
  10. Nah me either I'd feel bad. Plus if I got caught like that dude lol... I couldn't hide behind my psd name
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