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Conversation Between Ebbs and homestarunner93

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  1. 10 mill for Larry Johnson I just need salary to match in a trade
  2. Yea no ****. First time I actually need my 10 offers. I could've used 15
  3. Quite a few studs in FA this year.
  4. Nah Wade looks pretyy nice.

    In two practice DC's he went to

    C+ B+ B+ A-
    B- B+ B A-

    so I'll see what he can do after free agency I might make an actual offer. Need to see what I got though
  5. So you gunna give me your whole team for JJ yet?
  6. Brady as Jaime Lannister was pretty perfect as well.
  7. Gronk as Hodor and Nate Rob as Tyrion were definitely the best. Johnny Football as Joffrey was hilarious too.
  8. nate robinson
  9. Haha. Gronk as hodor!

    Haha I'm doing an NBA, GoT quote piece right now.
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