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Conversation Between Ebbs and Young2Kinsler

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  1. lol ok well hit me if you think of something.
  2. With the lack of picks left, don't see how
  3. Can Barber soemthing = Krause or taht still a no?
  4. Even though the picks we would be recieving aren't as high as we talked about, we would still be willing to do the deal. Also still like Barber.
  5. aha thats right LMAO the Lewis trade
  6. He's been offered to you in a trade...ball is in your court.
  7. Krause in a cowboys uniform that would be sexy!
  8. Yea but I still love Lewis. plus Centers value isn't like crzy aha
  9. To get those 3 players would be great...
  10. Lol I still not loving the idea of dealing Lewis
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