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Conversation Between LegendX and D-PHINSfan4life

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  1. Go For It.
  2. Draft thread time yet?
  3. Yeah, that's when it's going to get annoying.
  4. Let the bowl games start and then we will hear "OMG we have to get this guy he had ONE amazing game". A little less then a week and I'll make that.
  5. Understandable. I just figured I would ask. I mean I have a couple of draft related questions but I don't really think it's necessary to create new threads for each or go off-topic in other threads (although I'm rather good at that ), so there's nothing really to fall back on. I guess for now it'll have to wait.
  6. My argument is its not the major focus right now. Also I think having 6-7 active threads talking about players we might want is better then one major thread talking about everyone we want.

    I haven't felt the talk has gone completely down to the draft with the latest winning string.
  7. I know how you feel about all this draft discussion mumbo jumbo and how you would rather focus on the regular season as opposed to talking about the draft and all the prospects, however, for those that do want to talk about it - and there's a lot - would it be okay to have an official Draft Discussion thread? There seems to be a number of them popping up and I wanted to ask a question but didn't really feel that a new thread needed to be created. So, again I ask, can we have an "official" draft discussion thread which would also have all the other threads merged so theres not a billion of them or does draft discussion annoy you that much that we can't have one?
  8. I do like your baiting though, very subtle.
  9. It seems to be the consensus.
  10. Thank you for your opinion.
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