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Conversation Between LegendX and blujaysrock

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  1. i disabled them lol
  2. thanks man
  3. answer me!!!! (you'll have to right on your own wall, i lost my abilities to VM)
  4. do you happen to know a non-pay site where I can get a certain football stat? I want to get an adjusted QB completion %. One that takes throwaways and drops into account. I've had no luck. Does such a stat even exist?
  5. you're up
  6. lol well i'll send you my list in a second
  7. I'm on every night lol, remember, I have a **** pathetic life
  8. are you going to be on tonight? I need someone to take my list
  9. Lol nah I don't mind you asking for help
  10. it's all good, I should probably stop asking your for help anyways haha
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