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Conversation Between LegendX and Mike Oxlong

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  1. Well the Aussies were smarter than the US! Stupid America..
  2. Well it was the strength and ferocity of Hurricane Katrina. But we were well prepared for it and almost everybody evacuated from the area, so those that lived there are safe. No deaths, no serious injuries. It was a category 5 storm, but now its category 2. It was a big deal, but no more.
  3. Is it a big deal? Or are people making it a big deal.
  4. Nowhere near it, thankfully. Its incredibly hot here though.
  5. You near that storm over there?
  6. Yaaaaay.
  7. We can slander some things in a bit.
  8. That's all well and dandy, but it doesn't solve my boredom.
  9. I'm pissed...
  10. im bored
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