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Conversation Between LegendX and mdlr52192

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  1. Handle your ***** jk
  2. depend son what she says
    i may hate women, but when it comes toher, i am whipped and will do anything for her

    if she wanted to go to NY i'd go, if not, ia int goin nowhere
  3. Or take a trip up to NY for the honeymoon.
  4. work then, *****. ill be 21 by the time i get there and the girl im visiting works at a hotel and thinks she can get me a discount. just come tof uckin florida for a holiday,
  5. I mean you're already taking a plane, take one up to NY at least , I'm 18, have no car, and nowhere near enough money to go to Florida mother****er lol
  6. You think it ant far as **** for me? sheeeeeeettt... its on the othe rside of the ma'****en world, and i aint wnna leae either. ima marry tis girl
  7. That's far as **** for me lol
  8. Man, im ****ed. Come to Florida. I only know one persont ehre and that this girl im going to visit
  9. I live in New Jersey
  10. You will most definitely drink me under the table. i am planning on going to the STates in a few months, I will more than likely be in florida for almost all of the time, visiting a freind of mine.
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