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Conversation Between LegendX and homestarunner93

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  1. alright, I'll let you know
  2. I need secondary help, offensive line help, linebackers... I'll be trying to move Suh, too, so I'm also looking for DL help.
  3. I'm interested in Wake. What are you looking for in return?
  4. You're up in draft
  5. You picking soon?
  6. Just pick for the Ravens. I'm making an executive decision. You're PK's Co-GM.
  7. I'll bring it up to Norm.
  8. I know it's early but if you need someone to take over the ravens I'll be happy to do it, if not it's all good.
  9. It doesn't really matter, you can pick whenever. UTB isn't going to come back on anyways, he goes to sleep at like 11:00.
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