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Conversation Between LegendX and RevisIsland

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  1. My argument for Manning's '04 season:

    - His QB Rating of 121.1 SHATTERED the old record, and he had four games of perfect passer ratings, pretty obviously superior to Dan's still great 108.9 rating.

    - Manning's 67.6 completion % > Marino's 64.2 completion %

    - Marino's 17 Int's > Manning's 10 Int's

    - It's true that Marino's 5084 passing yards mark is the all time record, and is therefore greater than Manning's 4557, but keep in mind Marino attempted 67 more passes than Manning. Peyton's yards per completion of 13.6 is much closer to Marino's 14.0, which I think is a far more accurate look than simply passing yards, and Peyton's yards per attempt of 9.2 is actually greater than Marino's which was 9.0. So the passing yards statistic is far more complex than it seems.

    We can argue supporting casts for weeks, in some ways Manning having Edge hurt him more than help him because it took away throws. The stats though, favor Manning.
  2. Here's few tid-bits about Marino's '84 season:

    Was his second year. Marks Brothers were practically nothing until Marino arrived. Marino threw for a still season record 5084 yards. His QB rating is 10th best All Time for a single season. Until Marino threw for 48 TDs the record was something like 36.

    There's more bit i can't think off the top of my head, there's no way Manning's season is more impressive, all things considered.
  3. I'm about to go to bed so I can't make the full argument, but didn't Marino have the Marks brothers? Or did they come later? Those are two pretty handy targets. The Dolphins never had a running game during the Marino era, so I obviously can't compare to Edgerin James. I will say though, the fact that Peyton put up those kinds of stats while handing it off to Edge says a lot, it's not like he was throwing 50 times a game like Brady in '07. I don't know enough about Marino's '84 season to argue it without more research, but looking at the numbers Manning put up in '04, especially considering he sat the last game of the year and realistically should have had 52 or 53 TD passes (that's what always pisses me off when people bring up the Brady has the record. Yea he has it, because he played a whole extra game compared to Peyton), in my books Peyton's '04 is definitely superior to Brady's '07, as for Marino I'll have to do some research and get back to you.
  4. Of course it's a very risky pick, but I think it'll pay off. Of course, without a quarterback, Randy may not be too happy. You saw what happened in Oakland. Regardless, it was a great value pick, and very smart to know the rules and nab him.
  5. I have a bone to Pick with you too having read what I just read.

    Without looking it up, can you tell me Peyton Manning's WRs and TE in 2004?

    When you're done, tell me who Dan Marino threw to.

    When you're done tell me Manning's RB

    When you're done tell me Marino's RB

    When you're done, tell me where the Colts were during the 2004 Superbowl

    When you're done, tell where the Dolphins were during the 1984 Superbowl

    When you're done, take a look at how different the eras were for both players, especially in terms of passing.

    And finally, when you've done all that, tell me Marino's season was better.

  6. A confident, healthy Randy Moss is something to be scared of, regardless of who he is facing (Revis, Nnamdi, etc).
  7. Even with Randy not being the Randy of old he's still a good player, I believe he will come back, and think about it, if/when Randy comes back it means he's confident and he's healthy and he's likely going to a contender, thus meaning he will likely get a lot of looks and potentially making huge plays. Randy also gives us a much needed deep threat. Drivers and Breaston are both great secondary receivers and slots but they're not the #1 guy a team would want, Randy is still that kind of guy. Is it risky? Definitely, but it potentially has a huge reward, especially with our OL and RBs. As for winning the redraft, still remains to be seen, but it would be nice.

    **** I love Norm, so glad he thought of it and we got him.
  8. I must say, very well played. You had to be able to convince voters you'd have SOME semblance of a passing game, I thought you'd have to break up the nasty defense to do that, but you didn't. Very crafty maneuver, that pick may well win you the redraft. And to think it could have been avoided if any of us just read the damn rules lol.
  9. That has to be the craftiest move I've ever seen in any sort of fantasy/redraft/mock/whatever. Wow. Just... Wow. He's obviously not the Randy Moss of old, but still, wow.
  10. Like our new pick in the NFL Redraft?
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