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Conversation Between RavensFan23 and cowboyskilla

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  1. hey man, IDK if you go on here, but ever since the 2012 Season, I haven't missed a day without going to thsi website, especially the Giants forum haha well anyways I wanted to say Congrats to your football team, The Baltimore Ravens, for winning the Super Bowl and now the Ravens are the best team in the NFL right now haha well hopefully you hit me up when you get on here next time, aight? peace out bro
  2. hey man, long time no chat....tough break on the loss of Ray Lewis & Ladarius Webb...specifically Lewis is not only the heart and soul of the Ravens, but of the whole National Football league....holla at yo boy the next you're online, aight? deuces man
  3. Your on the clock NFL Crew.
  4. nice WC Win bro i was rootin 4 da Ravens anyways, n I'm still am vs. Colts, n infact, today the Ravens proved me dey could be a fav. in SB 44
  5. Nah, look up your tiebreakers, Ravens win and they're in, no matter what.
  6. heartbreak loss, but if Jets lose, and they will, then u got that playoff spot
  7. Well I wouldn't say the Steelers and upset specialist Raiders are "easy" but considering we have the #5 WC right now, if we win this weekend we could clinch the playoff spot, and if the Bengals lose out we could still win the north. (Bengals losing out would put them at 9-7, Ravens winning out would be 10-6)
  8. yo raven wat up how's it goin man? long time no chat congrats on da win vs. Chicago-----G-men still hangin on 4 wc while ur team got it eaz, well kinda LOL
  9. Well he said his range was 53, and that was a 56 yard attempt, so nobody will blame him. I know I don't, we still won, and nobody was hurt in OT.
  10. nice win...... too bad the kicker missed short b4 OT....did you see the Ravens mascot?!?!?!!? heartbroken!!!!!!lol!!!
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