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Conversation Between RavensFan23 and FREDFLINTSTONE

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  1. if nobody else wants to I will run a fantasy football league this season so send me your e-mails if you want to join up.[/
  2. how hard were you laughing when Tom took that safety?
  3. I thought this was cool
  4. Yep. I'm over it. Of course I still have a bad taste in my mouth, but I didn't react as angrily as everyone else did, I slid sadly off the couch and to my knees and gestured uselessly at the tv like it would fix something.
  5. hopefully you have moved past the 1st few stages of shock, denial & anger and are now in the stage of acceptance trust me, I was much worse off than you are after the 07 SB loss!
    I'm surprised they haven't found Cundiff's dead body in Ray-Ray's trunk yet!
  6. Reed will be playing, he said he rolled his ankle, will take the treatment, and play Sunday. Best of luck to your Pats. You'll need it.
  7. Hey bro-diggity, best of luck to you guys in the AFC showdown next weekend. I can't friggen wait! Let me know on any inside info on Reed's injury
  8. hey bro, hows it hangin any word from steel about setting up ff?
  9. I'll be perfectly honest, the Baltimore Ravens can beat any team in the playoffs right now. However, I'd much rather us win and the Jets beat you guys. I'd feel more confident playing New York rather than New England.
  10. not a game I wish to remember. last years team wasn't going anywhere though. consider it their 'rebuilding' year. they are going to shut Rex up once and for all this week. you would think after getting bent over last time they met the jets would want to do their talking on the field, but no. gutless punk *** chatter before the game is played is for cowardly ****. they are going down hard... just like Rex on his wifes toes.
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