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Conversation Between RavensFan23 and darklord43

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  1. sorry about suggs, that sucks...nothing worse than injuries possibly ruining something (like the browns game ruined ben last year, threw 2 tds, and like 5 picks after that injury-ruined our 12 win season)...but--perhaps kindle/upshaw can offset that loss..maybe, just maybe--both of them becoming your harrison/woodley this year?..2 guys getting over 10 sacks on the same team?..never know..i didn't like woodley pick..but hey--i was wrong..LOL! never know....what are you hearing about how the ravens will handle this situation?
  2. I hear ya...we have been doing this thing for a long time..and i myself was once spending hours in here, now only find maybe one every 3 days or so..but--I do check in, and so does nupe and fred..evade every once in a while..haven't forgot you, sucks that i like a ravens fan..LOL!..but you're alright door is always open, and if you want my email address is it there if you wish...I had thought you had gone to the military, i remember you saying you had signed up or something..saddened when i saw feb there..but yeah, I do understand 100%..I did the same thing too..if ya get a chance hey just drop in and speak your mind, a few will still read ya, like me..
  3. Yep, I took a hiatus. Not much to do on this site anymore, and nobody comes into the NFL crew anymore, and the new group format does not encourage conversation as well as the old one.
  4. draft thoughts???wow, last activity in feb?
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