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Conversation Between SA5195 and Raps08-09 Champ

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  1. You too bro!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
  3. Like some of the guys already said, you have a high marks overall except for your English (which is mandatory). But if you had a high English mark in gr.11, you'll probably get it. Even if you don't get accepted, you'll probably get a conditional offer like some of them said.
  4. Thanks man! Hopefully, deadlines on may 29th and i'm so scared
  5. Don't worry, a university will accept you soon enough.
  6. Yea, it is. Cuz 1 of my sig pics has the bar while the other doesn't.
  7. yea could be bro
  8. I think it just depends on the picture used I guess.
  9. i'm honestly not sure :/ i should put my sig on the centre, if that helps at all
  10. Yo bro I have a question. How do you make it so your sig doesn't have that beige bar at the top saying 'Click this bar to view the full image'?

    I saw your sig didn't have it.
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