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Conversation Between TragicallyHip and Melo15

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  1. scratch that, I guess Vladdy sent in a list.
  2. Sounds good
  3. I'm online today, so I'll handle our picks as opposed from a list. Thanks
  4. awww shucks
  5. I've never been more proud of anyone in my entire life.
  6. 10-4

  7. Once it hits 2:30 you can go ahead and pick, don't worry about waiting for the thread title to change.
  8. Sounds good man.
  9. Hey bud, I'll take Nolan reimold when I'm up. I'm out for the night.
  10. So basically you don't know and you're waiting to see if someone overpays?

    5 mil is the most I can offer.
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