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Conversation Between TragicallyHip and vladdy#27

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  1. Its all good

    What do you think with our next picks?
  2. Clubhouse looks good, sorry I wasn't around, I had a crazy day at work followed by our Christmas Party which was a World-Class **** show!
  3. I would definitely due a Lackey for Wells trade
  4. Why trade for Dickey when you can have Lackey back? LOL
  5. We'll likely trade one of Trumbo/Bourjos for pitching, Dickey maybe
  6. Now trade the Sox Trumbo for Ellsbury.
  7. I'm so excited
  8. OK Angels making a big play! That's going to be a FILTHY 3-4-5
  9. With how slow its going right now you'll likely only miss our 3rd/4th rounders
  10. HAHA No worries!

    I'll be hunting a lot this weekend so I probably won't be around much. With that said, I trust your judgement.
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