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Conversation Between tunnicliffderek and Wrench

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  1. Don't think I own the rights being both are FAs
  2. you interested in trading Matt Moore or LaMichael James
  3. Oh haha we are thinking alike. I thought you would want me to take Perriman or something. Looking at all the LBs right now, three good ones left.
  4. hoping Kendricks keeps slipping. I would trade up for him. dont think you can afford to not get him when he is sitting so close
  5. im on the clock. pick 10 and 5th for pick 14 and Wallace if you are interested
  6. like round 5 pick for Wallace
  7. He can be but someone would have to be at 14 to let him go. Maybe make an offer and we can do it if he is?
  8. checking to see if Mike Wallace is on your trade block in this mock. Rams interested if so
  9. yea
  10. You still want into the NFL redraft as your own team? One might become empty
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