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Conversation Between NBA_Starter and Dmac

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  1. Yosef is in and it says the draft starts in 57 minutes, I VM'd everybody to let them know.
  2. yeah I hope not. His stand up is pretty good too. I saw it about five years ago. What I love about his show though is that everything is off the cuff. He makes up the interviews with his guests as he goes along.
  3. It is definitely like no other talk show out there, I just can't see him retiring for good.
  4. yeah, it sucks. I have been recording his show every night for five years. I had a feeling this was going to happen one Letterman announced his retirement since he owns the company that runs Craigs show and he is his boss.

    I would like to see him go to TBS and go on after Conan. I think he will take a year or so off first if he does ever come back. I'm hoping he does a show somewhere though.
  5. I guess you are not happy about Craig Ferguson? I hope he catches on with another Network.
  6. Hey, I had computer problems and couldnt get my picks in until like 7:40, just wanted to let you know if I am dq'd from the first match then I understand.
  7. I checked and Riv was only supposed to have 83 points, seriously.
  8. cool, I was worried about you, glad to hear all is well, I went to the Braves / Nats games last weekend myself.
  9. Yeah, I was on vacation for the week. I went to Minn, KC and STL, and went to all the ballparks there. I just got back today. I did the last half of Raw at the hotel. I have alot of lot of wrestling to catch up on the dvr.
  10. Where have you been? I know you don't normally miss RAW, Hope all is well.
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