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Conversation Between NBA_Starter and Dmac

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  1. Hey, I had computer problems and couldnt get my picks in until like 7:40, just wanted to let you know if I am dq'd from the first match then I understand.
  2. I checked and Riv was only supposed to have 83 points, seriously.
  3. cool, I was worried about you, glad to hear all is well, I went to the Braves / Nats games last weekend myself.
  4. Yeah, I was on vacation for the week. I went to Minn, KC and STL, and went to all the ballparks there. I just got back today. I did the last half of Raw at the hotel. I have alot of lot of wrestling to catch up on the dvr.
  5. Where have you been? I know you don't normally miss RAW, Hope all is well.
  6. It's cool, you couldn't pm everyone in pww so I understand that, it's only fair, I think riv snook his way to a win and I never officially said "I Quit" makes for a better storyline.
  7. It's ok. I didn't think to tell you. It's pretty funny how it turned out. hard to believe you guys tied in points.
  8. I didn't know tie breaker rules, I thought the poll was the tie breaker
  9. cool. I'll be there
  10. Draft is tonight at 10 et
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