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Conversation Between NBA_Starter and Mbellz3o8

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  1. 10-4
  2. New post for every promo.... And add your own spin on it if you want like I said and I need the YouTube video for Adrenaline 12 stones in the post.. Sorry at work I couldn't get it. PM when you empty our some space Ill update you on everything we plan on doing
  3. I didn't know and yeah I Retired, do you want a new post or just put it in the same thread?
  4. Your storage message is full again haha And no more mod powers?
  5. Yes, I am about to!
  6. Could you post the promo i sent you today?
  7. You need to empty out your storage so I can send you something
  8. you're up in wrestling fantasy league draft
  9. YES, post it if you still want to do it
  10. Anyway you woudl trade your 7th pick and 11th for my 8th round and 9th round ? Not going to be around much this week if at all so trying to get my pick in so I dont get skipped
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