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Conversation Between NBA_Starter and Bellz

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  1. I wrote you back but it says your pms are full.
  2. 10-4
  3. New post for every promo.... And add your own spin on it if you want like I said and I need the YouTube video for Adrenaline 12 stones in the post.. Sorry at work I couldn't get it. PM when you empty our some space Ill update you on everything we plan on doing
  4. I didn't know and yeah I Retired, do you want a new post or just put it in the same thread?
  5. Your storage message is full again haha And no more mod powers?
  6. Yes, I am about to!
  7. Could you post the promo i sent you today?
  8. You need to empty out your storage so I can send you something
  9. you're up in wrestling fantasy league draft
  10. YES, post it if you still want to do it
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