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Conversation Between NBA_Starter and jrm2054

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  1. ok
  2. 16 Mira and jimmerson to us for 34 leaves us 19 mill cap you wanna do it I do
  3. Good work
  4. No we got jrue holiday and Jason smith for Monroe check our clubhouse to see the roster we have room for a max still plus 8 mill in soft cap
  5. sorry was on vacation until sunday, did you do it?
  6. How about eric Gordon/3 for jerebko/Monroe/6

    This is a deal we were offered I'm not sure about it what says you
  7. To sign in and we need to talk teams we want. Bobcats are co tracked and nets cap sucks and this is pre trade. We can make a list of teams we want in order. Message me on here when you get on
  8. I did
  9. Sign up
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