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Conversation Between NBA_Starter and ichitownclowni

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  1. Tell your cousin
  2. Yosef is in we are drafting at 930 est tonight.
  3. Watch ROH here.

    This is the latest episode.

    Also post in the ROH and other promotions thread brodi.
  4. I dig it
  5. Yo what did you think?
  6. No I do have some interest in him.
  7. J Hey is hurt right now, didn't figure you'd have any interest in him.
  8. Cain is good but IDK if he will keep it up. Jones scores runs a ton more than Cain. What up with Jason Hayward? Or Mike Trout?
  9. Felix and Cain for Adam and Lester?
  10. So what up with the King? And by King I mean King Felix
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