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Conversation Between fishedz and raiderposting

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  1. Nice lol I'm sure hell report that too
  2. Well...that and asking him if he was on his period and needed a tampon lol. That got me the first two, then i called him Raider Meg and he got all butt hurt. That's why I just changed my pic to Peg
  3. For meg? Lol.
  4. They gave me 4 infraction points for it that will never go away apparently... Oh well, add me to the ban list, I'll still clown their dumbasses when necessary.
  5. Yea lol he asks for it
  6. For calling Raider Vet Meg...

    That dude is a straight up *****, all good though, I'll still clown his ******** ***.
  7. Why you get banned
  8. Sign me up, that dude is a G
  9. Would you like to join the zac Dysert club? We may need to get a 2nd but he will be a stud. Had the worst supporting class and did everything himself.
  10. So whose going to be the back RB? we need a damn good one. Another year of palmer and McFadden. Funny thing is ill rather have McFadden here than palmer lol. For some reason I just can't stand looking at palmer.
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