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Conversation Between Drtino and Sports Illustrator

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  1. Will do bud.
  2. No problem.

    Take care.
  3. Thanks.
  4. Perhaps... I might start doing it... I'll let you know by the beginning of next season... I'll let everyone in the forum know in advance.
  5. You want to continue doing those? Your more than welcome to. I would sticky it for you and everything. I'm sure many people from back in the day still remember those.
  6. Thanks man... I was out of the forums for awhile, but I am back... it's good to know that you still remember those analysis. Lol.
    Didn't know if someone still remembered those.
  7. Tino! Where you been? I remember you were one of Ala's boys. I remember I always used to read your game analysis man, those were really good.
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