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Conversation Between Luca68 and tomsa592

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  1. thanks buddy
  2. I know, I just don't wanna leave you outta the loop lol
  3. we got a long ways to go my friend lol
  4. Selected Krejci and Craig Anderson with our last 2 picks, PM me any ideas on our 5th pick
  5. yeee budddyyyy
  6. we got him, so you can sleep easy lol
  7. yeeeee niceee reallly happy with weber
  8. Sorry to explode you inbox haha, but we snagged Weber at 20
  9. Ottawa has asked about us acquiring his 1st round pick for our second, plus upgrades later. I'm interested in it depending on what the later upgrades are, so get back to me in case this is something you wanna pursue
  10. Buffalo is offering us the the 12 for the 20 pick, but i don't know if youd be interested in it, so just get back to me when you can
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