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Conversation Between Luca68 and Sadds The Gr8

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  1. sounds goood saddlerr
  2. league ID: 60802
    league name: Raptors 4 Life
    password: psd
  3. would u be down to join a fantasy league? i'm lookin to set one up with the raps fans
  4. faceboook
  5. iight cocksucka
  6. yeeee im in <3
  7. nah we didnt draft try getting in with this.

    League ID#: 540445
    League Name: No Quitlers!
    Password: psd
  8. did you draftt already i havent been able to get into this shat
  9. u can join it now the site is working.
  10. yea i just seen it lol
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