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Conversation Between Stamina and jetsforever

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  1. Wassup old friend. Fitness forum still going strong?

    Please do me a favor and vote stam!
  3. Bad luck to you.

    Seriously. I mean that
  4. Good Luck Sunday!
  5. You can take them both off actually. I would but im about to go eat
  6. How long are those redraft threads going to be up? I need to take at least one off sticky by tomorrow to put up the MNF double header
  7. Location is Metlife, Sunlife is the Dolphins place
  8. It jetslife to me
  9. I'm gonna use your GT for SNF in the NFL forum. Hope you don't mind. I made some small changes to it, like the "Jetlife" stadium
  10. Thanks!
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