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Conversation Between Stamina and Norm

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  1. Lol yeah I've never heard one person say a word about ya.
  2. I try to be as lenient as possible, I'm not a hard *** like others.
  3. Fair enough. And no crap, I thought you guys would close it within like 5 minutes
  4. Yeah, it's definitely worth leaving open at the moment. If it does indeed get out of hand, I'll shut it down. Who would have thought a rant would get this much attention eh?
  5. Lol, I knew the title would get um. It's not the worst debate on the planet and nobody was insulting anyone. That's a lot of damn people, I did not notice that at first.
  6. well, you've created a stir! There's 67 people viewing the thread lol
  7. It was locked lol, it's okay I just unsubscribed and I'll stay out. It's just going to be the same endless fighting and it was driving me insane. I thought if it was mine I could request it locked but it can stay open. I'm over it.
  8. ok i'll check it out
  9. It's going nowhere fast and I can't stop myself from replying and I want to stop lol

    Thanks man.
  10. I can lock it, but what's the issue with it? Is it getting out of hand?
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