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Conversation Between Stamina and Baller1

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  1. Hey man, you mind fixing up the stickied threads in my Hawk forum? I put up a draft thread and an offseason thread, and then we don't need the Super Bowl thread stickied anymore. Thank you sir!
  2. Do you mind stickying our game thread in the Hawks forum? Thanks.
  3. Thanks man.
  4. Done!
  5. Can you update the stickies for our game threads in the Seahawk forum? Thanks!
  6. Hey, you mind fixing up the stickies in the Seahawks forum for us? Unsticky the 49er game, offseason thread, and old minor news thread and then sticky the new minor news one? Thanks!
  7. Yeah sure no problem
  8. Do you mind merging some of our threads together in the Seahawks forum? We've got like 2-3 of some of the same threads, like the ones about our CB situation and Russell Wilson in general.
  9. Hahaha, I figured. Still gotta rep 'em even though they're gone.
  10. Lol, i saw the avatar and typed Sonics
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