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Conversation Between Chacarron and TO Rapz

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  1. Well ZBO is UFA, so unless you want a S&T for him I don't know what to tell you. Allen can be had as long as Prince goes with him.
  2. Eh, Denver here. We're kinda interested in Tony Allen and Zbo
  3. up
  4. Sent u a list for my 5th rounder.
  5. up
  6. I'll send a list for my 5th round pick. Your friend should be picking anytime now.
  7. you're gone be up very soon, so make sure you leave a list if you're logging off
  8. OK, I was expecting that answer. Thanks.
  9. Sorry just checked it out. It's whoever he's playing with NOW, so he's Spanish.
  10. Does Diego Costa count as Spain? He hasn't played for them yet but he will in the future. He has played two games for Brazil though. Let me know.
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