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Conversation Between Chacarron and Lakers + Giants

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  1. Whenever you have time, get on the chatzy.
  2. Yea man, can you help me? Im struggling with this SQL ****. PM me please. Its due by 11:59 PM tomorrow.
  3. Hey L+G, you still need help with SQL?
  4. Got offered Rondo for LO, we need a backup PG badly, we don't have one. What you think? Lucas would be our primary backup PF.
  5. Sorry. We agreed on Sheed after all. I hope you areok with that.
  6. Who we taking here?
  7. chatzy
  8. Yo, we're on deck!
  9. **** it, at least we pick back to back haha.
  10. Last pick in the re-draft.
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