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Conversation Between Sixxpack and steelrain43

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  1. I agree with ya man...contract situations the next 2 years are kinda weird....

    and our defensive backfield is needing help....but we did draft 2 rookie Cbs last year...I know they didn't do a "mike wallace" but they are there...

    townsend should be done as a steeler...

    I wanted louis delmas as the first pick for the steelers (FS) in the last draft..and even called his name when the draft pick was on the clock...I really thought he would be thre pick..

    but steelers can suprise you..and i am sure they will again this year...
  2. Adding to your and Method28's discussion-
    It's looking more and more like we'll go for another 1st round saftey early, I'm sure. Out of Thomas, Berry, and Mays, for ball hawking skills I think Thomas (Tx) is the dude, but I do like the idea of having a USC guy back there with Troy (just because of the system he was in you know he'll be slightly above average at worst) and because you have to have a particullar type of player back there with Troy, the have to be "heady" both in their position, and more importantly an overall defensive smarts, basically they have to "gel" with #43's style of play (getting to a point where they are the one's who can tell you what Troy will be doing on any given play, because they'll be on an island many times responsible for 2 safety's jobs on a cover 2 defense)
    I do think there is a "sleeper" out there at the Safety spot that I wouldn't scoff at if we snagged if we get a S in the 1st or not. Myron Rolle from FSU he's listed at 6'2" 217, 4.46-40, Safety rank #9, overall rank #97. He's a good player when he did play, the knock on him was that he took a year off football to go study at Oxford so his commitment to football is called into question. To me if he enters in the draft, get him, commitment to football or not, he's obviously willing to further his education and not rely on just football, I think that speaks for the kids character showing his want to be continually getting better, that's exactly how troy was and is too...
    It's not that we don't have good coverage players in our secondary, we just have a handful of non catching mofo's, here's my comparisons of today's guys with the Steelers of previous years;
    (Ike Taylor=DJ Johnson can cover, can't catch)
    (Gay=Deion Figures- Rated alot higher than he should be, but has a high ceiling could pan out in the future?)
    (Ryan Clark=Carnell Lake (maybe more of a Darren Perry)-Lays the wood which is good, but it also takes himself out of plays by looking for the hit)
    (Troy=Rod Woodson)

    I do see us going safety in the first* the best rated dude probably won't be there at 19, but there are 3 or 4 guys who are quality, it has happened before, and we know Colbert will be aggressive if it's a player he wants and thinks is worth it (Troy, Santionio)
    * provided that we can keep Clark for a couple more years, or at the minimum can get Carter back for another year
    * 3/4 of our secondary are RFA's or UFA's (Gay, Clark, Carter, Ratliff, Madison, Townsend)
    * Also who we are likely to lose in other positions (Hamptons situation isn't looking too promising- Colon, Reed, Sepulveda, Stapleton- all those guys who knows, with the CBA done after this coming season and the F/A's for that year; Woodley, Warren, Ike, Moore, Logan, Holmes, Hoke, Fox, Dixon are a few of the 16 potential F/A's out of 39 we have that will play in 2010, it's gonna be rough and many hard decisions will have to be made.
  3. what's up sixxpack--like the name LOL!--I do have a couple of people,one especially that may not play--I can't get him to respond to anything--so stay tuned, I may work you in, thank you for asking bro, honest....and even if he does join--I am trying to get people to hook up and play every year--this league has 8 SB champs in it, so it should be good, even a guy that lives in austrailia...I'll let ya know something--and hit me up if ya want to discuss steelers sometime...
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