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Conversation Between CityofTreez and BlackWidow

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  1. Indeed! It's a love/hate relationship in KC haha
    Merry Christmas to you too!
  2. Oh Ok.
    At least you have an opportunity to see them going to KC every year. That was my 1st Raiders game vs. KC. In my experience, the respectable fanbase compared to the others. Bronco fans now think they are untouchable with Peyton Manning.....happy holidays BlackWidow!!!
  3. Oh that'll make for great Holliday memories! Lol JK
    No I live in Oklahoma. Went to the raiders/chiefs game in Oakland last week and hadn't been to Oakland since 2009. I miss it! But my husband and I are 4 hours away from Kansas City so we go to the chiefs/raiders game every year. It's a lot of fun.
  4. Yeah. I got family that are Chargers fans, and seeing them for the Holidays. Let the ****-talking have season tix?
  5. Lmao sounds about right. Ugh. I actually had a chargers fan stalk me at one of my old jobs. We talked on a message board and found out we lived in the same city. Next thing I know he showed up at my work... I never mentioned where I worked to him before. Creepy!
  6. Spoken like a True Raider fan.
    I asked because I live in NorCal, and our SF/OAK rivalry is pretty bad. It got out of control. BUT, I've been to a Raider/Charger game in SD, and it was worse. Saw chicks fight for their men. Love Raider games though. Niners fan, and have never experienced anything as crazy in my ventures to NFL stadiums ever.
  7. So I just saw your post in the Would Ypu Rather thread lol I'd rather go to a raiders/9ers game. You couldn't pay me to go anywhere near a dolts fan. Every single one ive ever met act like they're the **** or their team is the best in the league. All of them are cocky, arrogant and act like they have a silver spoon stuck up their ***. I've never been in a fight before but I know if I ever went to a raiders/chargers game that I'd end up in jail
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