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Conversation Between burgh_fan66 and croce_99

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  1. Pirates will be just a notch above that in 4th. But I'm used to long summers
  2. Cubs are going to finish 5th....ahead of Houston

    Going to be a long summer.
  3. More of a baseball/football man myself but helping out the Pens forum. Love playoff hockey though.
  4. Gotcha! I've watched 2 hockey games all year. However, I do enjoy playoff hockey. Very intense during the playoffs.
  5. Created a Philly-Pittsburgh playoff thread in the Pens forum please sticky it and unsticky the March discussion
  6. Sorry for being 2 days late

    I swear, whenever Im on the mobile app and receive a private message or a wall post, it never notifies me when I get back on the laptop. It never said I had 1 unread message. I just randomly clicked my name just now and saw your post.
  7. Not going to be around tomorrow so I posted the Penguin March game thread early. Sticky it when you get a chance.
  8. February game thread up in the Pens forum. Please stop by and sticky it.
  9. spam thread in the Pens forum. Please remove when you get the chance.
  10. I have the January game thread up in the Penguins forum. Please stop by and sticky it.
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