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Conversation Between -Lavigne43- and homie564

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  1. check AI's page. I was forced to drop out for personal reasons. Unfortunately there's just too much on my pate right now. I'm able to do that NHL thing only because it takes little commitment. Applying to college is kicking my ***... :\ it sucks to drop this late.
  2. You were up and skipped
  3. That is what happened, but it kinda doesn't really matter anymore.I probably couldn't find a better hitter than soto right now for any position. It's frustrating that I have to take the hit for a commissioner mistake.
  4. I don't know what happened. If you left instructions not to take two players of the same position then I think you should be able to change your pick.
  5. seeing it was a commish error.. can I overwrite my Soto pick? to have both him and Martin is incredibly stupid.
  6. make your pick too!
  7. cool send it in.
  8. I'd do that
  9. 8, 9, 12 for 7, 11, 16, $3M

  10. Can I get some money in return, I'm willing to take a worse pick then 15 if that's the case
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