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Conversation Between GGGGG-Men and dbroncos78087

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  1. I think he benefited off of the momentum that the Tea Party created. Just fighting for the sake of fighting regardless of facts.
  2. Yea Trump didn't create this problem and it will not stop after him. He just happens to have figured out how to harness the tribal mentality you described.
  3. Further proof that politics isn't rational or policy driven anymore, its purely tribal.
  4. I didn't hang around or cruise through any other threads. Have you seen any of the more reasonable GOPers who settled for Trump come around or show signs of regret, or is it still pure tribal dedication regardless of any reality?
  5. Oh the dedication is absolutely still there for most folks but folks like Special are not the norm. I think most of it is anti-Democrat versus pro-Trump.
  6. So, I figured I'd pass through the Political Forum for the first time since this flaming bag of dog **** that we call a presidential administration came into pseudo power, in hopes that maybe some of the hardcore partisan hackery Trumpers (not the standard anti-Hillary Trump vote folk who I understand) have come around.....and the first thread I see is good old "Special"FNK using the Harvey Weinstein story as a political tool.

    I was so close to jumping back in for some quality discussion.....HA!
  7. Lol. I have him on my ignore list. The site is remarkably better that way. He knows his troll lane and where to stay. He's remarkably good at it.
  8. No idea. But I would love to see Trump release the FISA court approved subpoena. Please Donnie!
  9. of course....glad I bowed out of that forum. I really can't imagine how anyone can stand by Trump at this point
  10. They didn't like when I brought that up in the politics forum. You have to remember, he's not Clinton and thus it doesn't matter.
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