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Conversation Between GGGGG-Men and dbroncos78087

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  1. Does KellyAnne Conway hate Mormons? Who's to say...
  2. Haha too true.
  3. This is who we are now. There's no turning back. Drink up before the locusts arrive.
  4. I'm taking all the crazy pills. Right? Only explanation.
  5. It looks like mine will remain roughly the same.
  6. I reviewed the tax tiers for Trump's plan v. existing. I'm in a very weird window where my taxes may actually go UP by 5%. So I don't even get the damn consolation prize of a trickle-down POTUS. DAMN IT
  7. Yea as if it was such a burden. My earnings went up by almost 100% during his administration. I'll take that burden any day.
  8. I really love the people on my Facebook page who shared 30 anti-Obama memes per day suddenly saying "suck it up, we dealt with 8 years of Obama". Oh really? you "dealt" with it.
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