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Conversation Between GGGGG-Men and dbroncos78087

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  1. HA that one is pretty damn good. Those guys have a small studio in an old house in LA. My old apartment was right next door and I used to hear them taping.
  2. ha!
  3. I think you should add one more #ThanksTrump kind of like the #ThanksObama stuff.
  4. haha. I'm attempting to start a trend on social media and dilute all the hashtags for "rigged". I'm following you and think you're following me. Similar to what Trump has done, I'm going to use #rigged #rigged2016 #riggedsystem for any failures you cause yourself but want to blame on the thing you screwed up. Like "Tried to open a jar of mayo with my teeth, but it wouldn't open. Jars are rigged! Bad! #rigged"
  5. I made myself chuckle in the Hillary thread.
  6. I didn't see it, i'll check it out
  7. I don't know if you watch, but the Daily Show last night was great. The "What the actual fact" segment was amazing.
  8. thats kind of Trump's specialty
  9. Haha. So true. He's really sad to be honest. Trump has sold him a bad bill of goods, but he's buying like crazy.
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