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  1. The thing that I don't get about opposition to TPP is that the argument made zero sense. I don't know your stance on it, but China wasn't a party to it at all and it was designed as a way to enable us to trade with their regional counterparts and limit China's power in the region. Trump should be all onboard with that and do everything he can to pursue it.

    I don't even think you need to call it a conspiracy theory any more.
  2. Now, throw on the conspiracy theory goggle for a minute, because in addition to Brazil and Argentina, the other country in the running to pick up this business? Russia, coincidentally. Russia actually just past us in wheat exports and now can pick up billions in profit off of Trump's . And as Don Jr. said, they have a ton of investments in Russian companies. Farmers (or at least those that own it all) are business savvy though and they lobby HARD. Have to believe they move their lobbiests against this.
  3. I read an interesting article in Bloomberg Business Week. The majority of corn exports from the US go to Mexico and almost all soybeans go to China (biggest consumer of anything on the planet). Between Trump verbally bashing both countries on a regular basis AND bailing on the TPP and threatening to leave NAFTA, both those countries are now looking to other sources for corn and soy (Brazil, Argentina). So basically the next harvest that they can buy from those countries will be a loss of billions of dollars in exports for the US. The whole distribution chain and farmers will suffer BIGLY from it.
  4. Haha. I have often thought about this and I think that Mike Pence is the insurance policy that keeps Democrats from pursuing anything that would result in Trump's removal from office. Now if the IC tries to get involved, then obviously that would change the calculations.
  5. I read that exact article earlier. I just hope that Mattis is one of those generals who knows that war is hell and should only be used as a last option. But someone named Mad Dog doesn't give me much hope...
  6. Those people are going to die old men while still defending Trump's inevitable impeachment. BTW you can bet that Trump is going to have his "you're either with us, or you're with ISIS" moment once this gets handled:
  7. Yea someone just said it doesn't matter what Flynn did. I mean if he broke the law, that's no big deal.
  8. So we can drag out a personal email server issue with Hillary for 3 years (and now Trumps team has them), but this guy: no problemo. This is why I can't engage in the Political forum anymore. Trumpers are not like traditional Republicans where we have differing opinions. Trumpers continue to live in an alternative reality and I can't debate whether X is good or bad when the other side won't admit X exists.
  9. Interesting site. I'll have to keep that one in the bookmarks.
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