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Conversation Between jzelenda and ShaunRiching9

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  1. Jzelenda, I haven't seen you around much here lately.

    Hope all is well.
  2. Haha no worries,I wasn't actually asking to co with you ( no offence )Just recruiting knowledgeable fans like yourself.
  3. Cessna approached me, and I said yes to help in a small role with picking etc. Sorry though.
  4. Hey man, I think you would really enjoy the re-draft, you should sign up. You will most likely have a co so it wont take too much time from the pens forum.
  5. Not sure. We have Guerin for a year at 2.85 Mil and Adams at 1.1 Mil for 2 years. Fedotenko isn't signed, and if he doesn't, well that would give us a tad more to work with. Unless we get someone signed LOOOONG term with a front loaded contract to spread the cash out, I see us picking up a few mid-card names... At least one name. I think Kotalik, realistically. We've all thrown out the Cammellari, Havlat, Gaborik names, but seriously, we need to be looking at cheap skill. We can't make the "Hossa" signing being butt up against the cap. Shero will have to deal smartly. Scuderi is gone. Boucher; gone. Gill; gone. Goligoski and Lovejoy will step up. We'll go dumpster diving for another D-man to fill the void.

    As for wingers, if we do see a big name, I'll be amazed. A few mid round fillers here and there, and I think our patch job team from last year will be ready to fly.

    I hope to christ Shero takes the signing of Pronger in Philly to heart too. We'll need some real beef to bust through that D next year. They just added a horseshoe in the boxing glove there... one stiff punch.
  6. So Jz, think we will sign anyone good this offseason?
  7. Sick sig, I'll wear it with pride.
  8. I can't make the same, but I can make you this:
  9. Yo Jz can you make me a sig with Sid and the cup? like the pic when hes up against the glass and have the pens logo like Jobas that says 2008-2009 Stanley Cup Champs!
  10. Yeah. Sid and Malkin got to score if we want to win
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