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Conversation Between Ron!n and ElFuturoDeESPN

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  1. I'm willing to talk Cespedes.. Get at me if you've got an idea.
  2. Done and you too!
  3. Thanks dude, I appreciate it. I accidentally posted the exact same deal thinking I was supposed to do so, if you would delete the one I posted I'd appreciate it a ton. Great dealing as always, have a solid rest of your day today!
  4. Cool dude, I suppose I could give you my second this year for JFK. Post it up if you feel like it.
  5. No thanks. Thame is good, I'm not looking to dump him. I'd do Kennedy for this year's 2nd though.
  6. I could also offer you THIS year's second for Kenny Thame..

    John Kennedy and Kenny Thame for my 2nd rounders the next two years?
  7. I'll hook you up with my 2030 2nd rounder for John Kennedy, if you're so inclined..
  8. No thanks. I'd need something significant in order to think about moving down.
  9. Hola seņor. Curious what you might want along with the 22nd pick in exchange for the 15th pick? I could offer Reyes or this mcgooch, if you dare to take a chance with him along with my pick. Let me know!
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