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Conversation Between Ron!n and poodski

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  1. You're up in the TKO league draft.
  2. The Orioles you mean? And although I thought I did it appears I didnt. I'll tell TK to fix it.
  3. Unless I am missing it I dont see where you gave me 3.8 million from the Marlins.
  4. Well I don't know what the hell I am doing. Oh well hopefully TK comes on soon.

  5. Thats my account
  6. Should it say the mentalist at the top?

  7. What did you do?
  8. Thanks... I am probably gonna **** this up anyhow.
  9. You're going to have to check with TK. I lost my password doc lol.
  10. Hey do I have a password for ootp? I haven't downloaded the file yet but I got ootp working.
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