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Conversation Between Ron!n and Kakaroach

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  1. I love Ron Swanson. And oh yeah you too.
  2. Good man, hows things in Jordan.

    And awesome! I know we gave up a lot, but we got a legit ace in Latos. I'm excited haha.
  3. Hey Kakaroach! Hows it hanging?

    How do you feel about your Reds getting Latos?
  4. Hows my old Jordanian buddy doing!
  5. I second Jetsforevers "come back" suggestion.
  6. Happy Ramadan!!!
  7. Happy Ramadan Dude!!
  8. Haha awesome, I'll be rooting for the US as well, just not as much as Argentina.
  9. Been with Brazil since 98, but i gotta root for the US till they choke
  10. I'm a little Argentinian so thats my country haha. How about you?
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