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Conversation Between Ron!n and Joba_the_Beast

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  1. STL traded their pick to you and MIN, you're going to have to decide who gets what.
  2. Well we have before?
  3. Nobody told me to fix them...
  4. Hey Ron, the guys who got injured in ST weren't fixed.
  5. Youre up in the TKO Draft. Finish her up.
  6. Hey if you sim today can you make sure Danny Parker gets his third pitch pre-sim? Gracias.
  7. Hey Ron, can you make sure Kun-A's option gets declined? I told TK to but he didn't.
  8. Hey Ron, think you can add photo to Kendrick Lamar ?

    Thanks, no worries if not.
  9. Can you extend Addy this sim? Thanks.
  10. Thanks
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